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What, When, Way, How of Grant Seeking

What is CARD?

CARD is the acronym for the Center for Academic Resource Development. CARD falls under the jurisdiction of the Office of Academic Affairs.


Why Seek Grants?

Grants can:

     offer you the resources to pursue scholarly interests that may strengthen your professional career.

     provide you with opportunities to work with other professionals in your field and enhance your professional reputation.

     provide you with an important supplemental activity to teaching, and in so doing, may enrich and energize your teaching.

     help you to maintain vitality in your field, or to apply your knowledge and skills in new and different ways.


Why Should I Seek Grants Through CARD?

     CARD has received award winning grants and recognition.

     CARD can provide you with individual attention from top proposal writers.

     CARD has NSF FASTLANE capability.

     CARD has a forum for recognition among your peers.

     CARD can provide funding support for specific programs.

     CARD has support staff knowledgeable in the logistics of workshops, conferences, meetings and special events.

     CARD can provide you with the opportunity to work with others in your field.



How Can I Learn More About Grants?

     View different agencies, i.e. National Science Foundation, Department of Education web sites, newsletters, publications to find funding sources.

     Visit the CARD Office, meet with the staff, and make an appointment to discuss your ideas with one of the center directors.

     If your ideas involve private-sector support (private or corporate foundations), stop by the College Development Office on the 3rd floor of Accokeek Hall.


Where Can I Find Help?

     CARD is located at Prince George's Community College, Chesapeake Hall, Room 108, 301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774.