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Teacher Education Resource Center


Dr. Patricia Basili, Director

 The Teacher Education Resource Center (TERC) is concerned with all aspects of the teaching profession.  

The Center works hand-in-hand with the Prince Georgeís Community College Department of Education to:

TERCís  funding sources include the Maryland Higher Education Commission, the Department of Education, the National Science Foundation, and subcontracts with the Prince Georgeís County School System. 

Our closest partner is the Prince Georgeís County School System (PGCPSS).  Through interaction with the Office of Professional Training and Advisement, Certification, and the Supervisors of the various content areas we discern what is needed and how we can help.  The first grant funded program for teachers was the Leadership Institute for Science Teachers in 1987.  Forty-eight middle school teachers came to our campus for three weeks of summer work in science content.  This concept evolved into the Summer Science Institutes that have served over 1,400 teachers in the past twenty years.