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Education Department
Mission Statement

 The Department of Education provides a rich academic environment for the preparation of pre-service and in-service teachers for the ultimate benefit of today’s culturally diverse K-12 students.
Our courses model best practices in instruction and use a variety of strategies based on modern learning theory. All courses improve reading, writing, and thinking skills. All students are valued as critical to the future success of schools.

Each instructor attends to the success of each student while maintaining standards in concert with national models of competent teacher knowledge and skills. All instructors continually seek to enhance their knowledge to competently lead and support emergent teachers.
The Associate of Arts in Teaching degree is based on the Maryland Outcomes for Teacher Preparation. Students who complete the program will have the knowledge and skills delineated in that document.

Courses offered to provisional teachers and career changers meet the standards requirements of the Maryland State Department of Education and provide knowledge and strategies directly related to the instructional needs of the Prince George’s County School System.
The faculty members of the Department of Education form a collaborative group who share a vision of the importance of their role in shaping the future and who are committed participants in moving community colleges to the forefront of teacher education.

Early Childhood Education Department
Misson Statement

The mission of the early childhood education program is to provide effective professional career preparation in the field of early childhood education. To that end, the department offers four options: Certificate of Mastery in Early Childhood Education - Code 764, a certificate program consisting of ten early childhood education courses to prepare senior staff; an A.A.S. degree program to prepare center directors - Code 763; and a A.A.T. degree - Code 121 to enable students to transfer and prepare to teach children at the Nursery through Grade Three level in the public schools. In addition there is a twelve credit ECE Certificate available to those interested in gaining additional proficiency in special education - Code 765.