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If you have never attended college before or are transferring credits in from another college, come to the college and fill out an application form (Lanham Hall 116) and schedule and take the placement exam. Tell the advisor that you are interested in becoming a teacher or child care professional. Stop in at the Education Department Office in Chesapeake Hall, Room 310E and get acquainted (you can do this first!). It is very important that you make contact with the Department - we want to help you!!

Inquire about scholarship opportunities in the Financial Aid office, which is currently located in the temporary building next to Chesapeake Hall.

Please call or e-mail if you have questions or concerns.
Dr. Patricia A. Basili, Department of Education, Chair,
301-322-0780, pbasili@pgcc.edu
Dr. Teresa Bridger, Coordinator of the Early Childhood Program
301-322-0190, tbridger@pgcc.edu

If you are a conditional teacher working for the Prince George's County Public School System, you should have had your transcripts evaluated by PGCPS. You are welcome to stop by the PGCC Education Department office CH 310E for an informal (non-official) evaluation or for any help you may require before registering for courses. You will have to fill out an admissions application if you have not taken a credit course at the college during the last two years.
You will need to pay the $25 application and $25 registration fees. You will also pay the $1/credit activity fee. If you sign an application for a Billing Letter of Authorization, PGCPS will pay your tuition costs. By signing the application you are promising to stay and teach in the county for three years. Call the Office of Professional Advisement and Training at 301-780-6860 for an application. Bring the Billing Letter with you when you come to register.

Career Changers/Late Bloomers have two pathways open to them for becoming a teacher. You can take all the Certification courses, Pass the Praxis exams Parts I and II, and then work for a year under a conditional certificate for the PGCPS.
The second pathway is via the Resident Teacher Program. The RTP is a partnership of PGCC with the Prince George’s County Public Schools. Apply for the program on the PGCPS website. www.pgcps.org Look at the Resident Teacher page for more information on this program.

Come to Chesapeake Hall 310E and let us help you chart your course. Stop in or call for an appointment 301-322-0780