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What is an A.A.T.?

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EDU Course Descriptions

ECE Course Descriptions

Elementary A.A.T. program

Early Childhood A.A.T.program

ECE Certificate of Mastery

ECE Certificate in Special Education

Resident Teacher Program

Credit Count Route to Certification

Secondary A.A.T.- Chemistry

Secondary A.A.T.- Physics

Secondary A.A.T. -Mathematics

Secondary A.A.T.- Spanish

Praxis Exam

The Elementary Program-A.A.T.

Required Courses:

EGL 1010

English Composition I

EGL 1020

English Composition II

HST 1410

History of the United States I

POS 1010

American National Government

ART 2730

Integrated Arts

MAT 1050

Elements of Mathematics

MAT 1060

Elements of Geometry & Logic

MAT 1160

Elements of Probability & Statistics

BIO 1010

General Biology


Exploring Chemistry & Physics

PSC 1210

Exploring Earth & Space Science

SPH 1090

Interpersonal Communication

HLE 2300

Integrated Health & Physical Education

PSY 1010

General Psychology

Required Professional Courses:

EDU 2000

Foundations of Education

EDU 2330

Field Experience for Foundations of Education

EDU 2030

Introduction to Special Education

EDU 2340

Field Experience for Special Education

PSY 2060

Educational Psychology

EDU 2350

Field Experience for Educational Psychology

PSY 2030

Child Psychology

EDU 2100

Processes & Acquisition of Reading

Note: Math and Science courses are in the hands-on discovery approach
and are aimed at preparing students to teach the elementary curriculum.

Field Experiences take place in schools surrounding Prince George’s Community College and require 15 hours of observation (EDU 2330) or observation and small group participation (EDU 2340 and EDU 2350) with a one hour seminar every other week.
Certain courses are pre-requisite for other courses. Psychology 1010 must be taken before taking Psychology 206 or 203.
English 1010 must be taken before taking Education 2000. If a student has a high Reading placement score, they may petition the Department Chair for an over-ride to this requirement.
MAT 1050 must be taken before MAT 1060 or 1160.