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Early Childhood Education Associate of Arts in Teaching* (A.A.T.)
Program of Study

Professional Courses: 21 Credits
ECE 1050 Principles and Practices in Early Childhood Education
ECE 1510 Child Growth & Development
ECE 1560 Introduction to Early Childhood Special Education
ECE 1700 Multicultural Education in the Pre-school Classroom
ECE 2570 Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education
ECE 2620 Fieldwork
EDU 2100 Processes & Acquisition of Reading

English: 9 Credits
EGL 1010 Composition I
EGL 1020 Composition II
EGL 2230 Children’s Literature

Humanities: 3 Credits
ART 2730 Integrated Arts

Mathematics:12 Credits
MAT 1050 Elements of Mathematics
MAT 1060 Elements of Geometry & Logic
MAT 1160 Elements of Probability & Statistics

Science: 12 Credits
BIO 1010 General Biology
PSC 1200 Exploring Chemistry & Physics Concepts
PSC 1210 Exploring Earth & Space Science

Social Science: 9 Credits
HST 1410 History of the United States I
GEO 1010 Physical Geography
PSY 1010 General Psychology

In addition students must have an overall Grade Point Average of 2.75, and pass the Praxis I exam, and maintain a developmental portfolio in order to earn the degree.

*The program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (N.A.E.Y.C.)