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Certificate of Mastery in Early Childhood Education
Curriculum 764

Students who wish to take ONLY early childhood education courses, and have the goal of becoming a lead teacher in an independently operated preschool center in Maryland, should consider enrolling in this curriculum. All of the courses in this program will also count for Curriculum 763, A.A.S. Degree in Early Childhood Education, if students wish to complete the degree later. The following courses are required for the certificate:

Take the following courses first:
ECE 1050 Principles and Practices in Early Childhood Education
ECE 1510Child Growth and Development
ECE 1560 Introduction to Early Childhood Education Special Education
ECE 2570 Curriculum Development in Early Childhood Education

Then take the following courses:
ECE 1540 Observing and Recording Child Behavior
ECE 2510 Language Arts for Young Children, or EDU 210, Processes and Acquisition of Reading
ECE 2540 Field Work in Early Childhood Education, or ECE 220 plus ECE 221, Internships in Early Childhood Special Education
ECE 1700: Multicultural Education in the Pre-School Classroom
HLE 2150, Introduction to Child Health

Students interested in pursuing the certificate should contact Dr. Teresa Bridger, 301-322-0190 or email TBridger@pgcc.edu