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Center Directors and Staff

            Patricia A. Basili
            Director, Teacher Education Resource Center 
            301-322-0780, basilipa@pgcc.edu 
            Diane C. Butler
            301-386-7515, butlerdd@pgcc.edu 
            Gita A. Brown
            Program Assistant I
            301-341-3084, brownga@pgcc.edu
            Linda Cook
            Director of Health Sciences Resource Center
            301-322-0112, lcook@pgcc.edu
            Shirley A. W. Courtney
            Program Assistant I
            301-322-0600, courtnsw@pgcc.edu 
            Carolyn Hoffman
            Director of Humanities Resource Center
            301-322-0531, hoffmacf@pgcc.edu 

The Center Directors for the Science and Technology Resource Center and the Humanities Resource Center are currently vacant.
For more information contact Dr. Marilyn Pugh.