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The Dr. Vera Zdravkovich Award

The winners of the “Dr. Z” Award

Oval: The “Z” Award, was named after Dr. Vera Zdravokovich, fondly known as Dr. Z. It was created in her honor to recognize her vision and creation of CARD as a faculty-run office whose purpose is to secure academic resources through grant funding and donations to improve the lives of students, faculty, teachers, and the external community. The “Z” award is awarded annually to recognize those members of Prince George's Community College  who rise to the standards set by Dr. Z in achieving the mission of CARD.

Dr. Eldon Baldwin (2005)

Dr. Patricia Basili (2004)

Ms. Diane Webb (2003)

Dr. Patricia Cunniff (2002)

Dr. Joseph Citro (2001)

Dr. Vera Zdravkovich (2000)